Writing letters for Girls Love Mail is different than writing to a loved one or friend. Why? Because the letters go out through hospital cancer centers and we don’t know much about each letter recipient. To ensure your letter(s) is the most beneficial, please follow these Letter Writing Tips and Guidelines.

Letter Writing Guidelines – (Quality over Quantity!)

  1. Hand-Write your Letter

    Your letter must be hand-written. We ask for at least 4 personal lines of hand-written text. Just your favorite quote or “You Got This” is NOT enough.You’re doing more than writing a letter, you’re sending a hand-made gift. The time and care you take really comes through! (See FAQs if you can’t hand-write.)

  2. Avoid Death, Bad Language, and Religious Convictions

    We help recipients regardless of race, religion, age, type of treatment, or cancer stage. For this reason, we are unable to hand out letters that are not universally appropriate.

    DEATH: It’s difficult for someone newly diagnosed to hear about others who have died from cancer or other diseases. Mention your loved one without sharing the outcome. For example, “My grandmother fought breast cancer and she liked to wear a different wig every day.”

    LANGUAGE: As a 501(c)3 who works with public hospitals, we keep it extra clean. Along with banning the really bad words (you know the ones), the following are also banned:
    – Hell (ex: Breast Cancer is hell.)
    – Cancer Sucks
    – Kick Cancer’s Butt
    – Dirty or off-color jokes
    – Quotes with banned words and phrases that include “badass” and the like.

    RELIGION: Refrain from religious references and other non-inclusive wording such as; quoting scriptures, telling how/who to worship, “God Bless You,” or other religious overtures. This also applies to pre-printed cards. We do allow “I’m praying for you” once in your letter.

  3. Greeting, Signature, and Date

    Start your letter with “Dear Friend” or “Dear Sister.” Sign your first name and last initial (Gina M.). For children, please include the age or grade level on the letter.  Do NOT date your letters. Do NOT reference holidays. NO Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.  It takes 6-8 weeks before your letter is handed to a recipient.

  4. Stationery & Envelopes

    Feel free to use any note card, stationery, postcard, or other paper of your choosing that fits or folds into our special GLM Envelope measuring 4.75” x 6.5” (announcement size) for bundled delivery to each participating center. Because we use our own envelopes, you can keep the envelopes that come with your stationery. You can also download our free custom Girls Love Mail stationery. Download File

  5. General Content Prohibition

  • Refer to the FAQs & Tips for more detailed information on letter content. In addition:
  •    * Please do NOT copy letters from our samples or the DEAR FRIEND book.
  •    * GLM has no political affiliation. Please do not include political beliefs in your letters.